Why We're Different


The overriding principle that our clients' best interests come above all else is the hallmark of our relationships and our reputation. In prosperous and challenging times alike, a steadfast commitment to earning your trust and satisfaction guides everything we do.

Our Independence Supports Yours
As true independent financial advisors, we are free to manage your financial life unhindered by the demands and product limitations of a large corporate firm—such as incentives to recommend certain proprietary products that might affect the guidance you receive. Our dedication to fostering your well-being means that our objectives are always aligned with yours. So you can count on the fact that your goals, expectations, and risk tolerance drive every investment recommendation we make.

Our choice to partner with Commonwealth Financial Network®—an independent broker/dealer with more than 30 years of client-centric service that mirrors our own—helps us maintain our independence.

What This Means
When you work with us, you can feel confident that:

  • We have at our disposal an extensive range of product strategies.
  • There's no pressure to promote a particular product or meet sales quotas.
  • We can singularly focus on what benefits you most and to provide sound advice pointing you toward a path to help you reach your financial destination.
  • We will respect your wishes and opinions, and we will respond promptly to your directives and inquiries.

The result is a unique consultative approach to creating a customized investment strategy that works for your time horizon and risk tolerance, an assurance that we will never compromise on what is most important to you, and a level of personalized service that we believe is unrivaled in the industry.